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Local 4X4 Service In Colorado Springs

At TJ Auto repair & maintenance, we have mechanics and technicians with years of experience working on typical or standard 4×4 vehicles whether full-time or part-time four-wheel-drive vehicles. 

A 4WD drivetrain is a system that is used to send power to all four wheels of a vehicle equally without vectoring. Each will spin at a steady rate equivalent to all the others. When driving a 4×4 wheel vehicle, power flows from the vehicle’s engine through the transmission system to the transfer case device that divides that power in between the rear and front axles. This equal power split is ideal for maneuvering through rough terrains and low traction or tough traction situations while being friendly on the road. Driving a 4×4 vehicle on solid ground can make turning around in tight streets to be difficult since the wheels aren’t in sync. 

At TJ Auto, we understand the special needs these vehicles have and offer our services to ensure you have a safe, efficient, and good-performing 4×4 wheel vehicle. 

Our 4X4 service includes:

  • Wheel alignment
  • Differentials
  • Driveline
  • Seals, Hubs, Studs, and Nuts
  • Transmissions
  • Transfer Cases
  • Wheel Bearing

Our wheel alignment for 4X4 wheeled vehicles involves an adjustment of the angles of the vehicle’s wheels to set them to the specification of the vehicle manufacturer. Wheel alignment allows the suspension and the vehicle’s steering systems to work at their desired angles. It helps reduce tire wear. Considering that alignment is a complex process, not all mechanics are able to get it right. That’s why we recommend you to bring your 4WD drive vehicle to TJ Auto repair and maintenance for a comprehensive alignment. 

The differentials in four-wheel-drive vehicles are responsible for transferring the power of the engine to the wheels. They pass on the engine power to the wheels while also allowing them to rotate within different speeds. This is why you have the name differential. You will find that when you are turning the vehicle, the outer wheels tend to travel larger distances compared to the inner wheels. The front wheels also move longer distances than the vehicle’s rear wheels. Our mechanics check the differentials of your vehicle to see that they are working properly. 

The driveline connects the vehicle’s engine and the transmission system to the wheel axles. A driveline comprises the powertrain parts less transmission and engine. If the driveline fails, it means that the vehicle is not able to move because energy can’t be transmitted from the vehicle’s engine to the axles. TJ Auto mechanics will inspect and service the driveline of your 4×4 wheel vehicle to ensure that it’s working as desired. 

Besides, we also ensure that the studs, seals, hubs, and nuts are functioning properly. Properly working seals ensure that there are sufficient grease and oil sealing to enhance performance in a range of environments and temperatures. If the seals are worn out, it can allow external contaminants or debris to enter the car’s bearing unit or allow the lubricant to escape from the unit. We will check all these parts to ensure they are working properly. If a replacement is needed, we will perform it professionally. 

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