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Local AC Recharge In Colorado Springs

Your car’s air conditioning system cools and removes the moisture inside the vehicle. Over time, the A/C system will start losing its charge and become contaminated. When you notice the vehicle isn’t cooling as usual, you will want to visit TJ Auto for evacuation and recharge services. We have a specialized team of technicians to take care of your A/C problems. 

How the A/C Works

The A/C system of your vehicle has three main parts – the condenser, the compressor, and the evaporator. The vehicle’s drive belt drives the compressor, which pumps the refrigerant substance through the air conditioning system. It is a closed system, where the refrigerant is exposed to low and high pressure, forcing it to switch between liquid and gas so that it captures and releases heat. In a gas state, the refrigerant will pass through the system’s evaporator where it captures heat. It then moves through the air conditioning lines to reach the condenser where it cools as heat is released before it changes to liquid form. 

There has to be a proper amount of refrigerant for the A/C to work optimally. The refrigerant also needs to be free of contaminants to ensure efficiency in cooling. Our technicians will make sure the pressure and temperature control are working correctly during the inspection and servicing. 

During the A/C performance check, our technicians do the following:

  • Visually inspect the components of the A/C
  • Run a performance test
  • Perform a system state of charge testing
  • Perform a system control testing
  • Perform leak testing using an electronic leak detector

A properly working air conditioning system keeps you and your passengers comfortable and cool when riding. At TJ Auto, our technicians inspect the A/C compressor drive belt as well as the serpentine belt in addition to all accessible components to see if there are damages, leaks, and cracks. The technicians check the operation of the A/C compressor. If there are no damages or leaks, the refrigerant is evacuated from the system, and a vacuum test is done. A recharge of the A/C system is performed using the right refrigerant depending on the specification of the vehicle manufacturer. 

If the A/C system has leaks or damages, servicing is not recommended. Our A/C evacuation and recharge are designed to allow periodic maintenance instead of a complete A/C repair. When we have inspected the unit, we will advise you on the best possible action to take to ensure your A/C system is up and running. 

How Often to Evacuate and Recharge the A/C System 

While your vehicle’s A/C system will lose some amount of refrigerant, that’s normal but it shouldn’t be due to leaks or damages of the system. The small amount being lost isn’t going to affect the operation of the A/C system. However, you will find that your vehicle’s A/C system begins to perform less as the years pass by. 

Although there isn’t any specified maintenance and service schedule for the car’s A/C system, you need to know when it is due for a recharge. You don’t need to have it recharged every 12 months or every 24 months, so the best indicator would be a less cooling system. When the A/C isn’t cooling as it used to, make sure you visit a garage to have it checked. You should visit the TJ Auto service and maintenance team before the A/C stops cooling completely so that we can inspect, evacuate, and recharge it with an appropriate refrigerant. This way, we ensure you have an efficient cooling system in your car for cooler riding experiences on the road.