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Local Car Air Filter Replacement In Colorado Springs

The air filter component of your vehicle is an important part as it allows the vehicle’s engine to breathe without having the threat of contamination. A vehicle’s engine requires a specific mixture of air and fuel so that it can run efficiently. As air enters the engine system through the air filters, the filters catch the dirt along with other foreign particles to prevent them from reaching the engine system something that could possibly damage your engine. At TJ Auto, we will change your filters regularly to enhance the performance and life of the engine.

If you overlook the air filters long enough, contamination can take its toll on the engine causing the engine to work harder. This negatively impacts both the efficiency and economy of your car performance. Although there is little safety issue apart from reduced performance and decreased power, neglecting the air filters of your car’s engine can have a huge impact on the environment. 

The engine air filters perform an important task and since they are located in hidden areas- for most vehicle owners; it’s a matter of out of sight out of mind. Dirty engine air filters may cause problems like fuel inefficiency, the breathing of harmful pollutants, and costly repairs for engine damage. 

When Can You Tell Your Engine Filters Need Replacement

Do you know how many filters your vehicle has? There are several, including oil filters, air filters, and more. It is easy to get mixed up on different filters of your vehicle and what they do. TJ Auto technicians understand your vehicle systems very well. They know the different filters and will help you with issues regarding specific filters including engine air filters. That being said, your engine air filter seems to be one of the unpopular filters simply because it is not located in an obvious location. 

Although the engine air filters don’t need to be changed as often as the oil filters of your car or rotated as often as the vehicle’s filters, you need to know when it’s time to have them replaced. 

These signs can tell you that you need an engine air filter exchange:

  • The filter has visible debris, dirt or other particles trapped in it
  • You are experiencing decreased fuel economy
  • It has been more than 3 years since you last had it changed
  • You have driven the vehicle for 30,000 to 45,000 miles from the last engine air filter change

At TJ Auto, we will offer you a professional engine air filter change or clean up depending on the existing condition of the filters. We will inspect the filters and determine when they were last changed and how they are currently performing before deciding on whether to change them or clean them. 

Dead bugs and other debris can enter your vehicle’s engine causing extensive damage to the engine that can lead to costly repairs. It is the engine air filters that are responsible for catching this debris to protect your car from unwanted contaminants reaching the engine. 

When you don’t change your engine air filters as recommended, you will put additional, preventable stress on the car’s engine. The filters help filter out dust, dirt, debris and other elements that can get into the engine’s oil and cause harm to essential components. 

Talk to us today if you have issues with the engine air filters or the engine is not performing as it should!