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Local Brake Fluid Service In Colorado Springs

Brake fluid is an instrumental fluid for your brake system. It’s essential for the functioning of your vehicle’s brakes. When a driver pushes the brake pedal, the car’s brake fluid makes the pads push against the vehicle’s rotors allowing the car to slow down or stop. As you continue using the brake fluid in your car, it absorbs moisture, sludge, and air or other contaminants. The presence of air in brake fluid makes braking to feel spongy, it reduces the braking efficiency. TJ Auto repair & maintenance will perform a brake system flush. We have qualified mechanics and technicians to work on your braking system. 

Our brake fluid flush includes:

  • Emptying the existing fluid as well as moisture out of the braking system
  • Replacing the fluid with a new, clean, braking fluid   

How Do You Know You Have Bad Brake Fluid?

There are things you can look for to show you when brake fluid is bad.

  • The brake pedal is vibrating
  • While breaking you hear strange noises
  • Your vehicle pulls on the side as you brake
  • You need to press the brake pedal farther to stop the car

If you are experiencing these things with your vehicle, you need to visit TJ Auto repair and maintenance for a checkup. Your brake fluid could have gone bad. When the fluid begins to break down because of absorbing water, it can cause major problems in your car. With more water entering the brake fluid, you find that the boiling point of your car’s brake fluid decreases. This contributes to a variety of issues. If the brake fluid has to boil under pressure, it can make the braking system to fail entirely. Fortunately, it takes time for the brake fluid to go bad meaning you have sufficient time to drop the vehicle to a garage for brake system flush and replacement of the brake fluid. 

Why Consider TJ Auto Brake Fluid Exchange?

The reason you would want to get your brake fluid flushed and replaced by our technicians is that it helps protect the braking system. Having new brake fluid in your vehicle protects against corrosion. It also ensures safety on the road. New brake fluid optimizes the stopping power of your vehicle something that ensures safety. You have peace of mind when riding around in town. 

Another benefit of having a fluid exchange for your braking system is that it offers an inspection opportunity. When you come to TJ Auto for brake fluid flushing, we will inspect your braking system at that time. This helps us catch any minor problems with the system before they turn into major repair issues. 

Schedule your Brake Fluid Flush with Us!

At TJ Auto, we provide a comprehensive brake fluid flushing and exchange to ensure that you have a vehicle with an efficient braking system. We inspect other parts of the system including the calipers, drums, brake pads, and rotors to ensure they are in good condition. If your brake fluid hasn’t been checked in the recent past, or if you are noticing warning signs for bad brake fluid, you should schedule a brake fluid exchange service with TJ Auto.