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Local Coolant Flush In Colorado Springs

The primary purpose of the car coolant is to keep the engine of the car from overheating. Over time, you will need to have the coolant flushed out or cleaned. TJ Auto can help with your radiator issues including coolant flush. Having regular coolant flushing helps protect your car against hazards like rusting. 

Over time, coolant can pick up particles from the surrounding of the engine causing corrosion which can result in leaks and expensive repairs. Removing the debris and restoring the protection from corrosion is important for a safe and functional car cooling system. This will ensure that you avoid unexpected breakdowns arising from overheating, leaks, and engine failures. 

Our coolant or radiator flush involves:

  • Allowing the engine too cool
  • Popping the bonnet to find the radiator and giving it some good clean
  • Checking the radiator’s condition
  • Placing a pan or bowl under the radiator drainage valve
  • Opening the drainage valve to draining the radiator 
  • Flushing the radiator system using water to help remove any residue left from old coolant
  • Topping up the radiator using water and replacing the cap
  • Starting the engine and leaving it to run for a few minutes
  • Waiting for the engine to cool again and repeating the steps for draining the water from the radiator system
  • Adding new antifreeze or coolant to the fill line
  • Without replacing the cap, we run the engine for 15 minutes while ensuring the interior heating system is turned on to the optimal level. This helps in bleeding out any air pockets that may be in the radiator before we can seal the coolant system using a pressure cap

Our mechanic will not take out and replace your vehicle coolant until it has cooled down to prevent spewing hot liquid at him.

A vehicle’s cooling system heavily relies on quality antifreeze or coolants that have been tested to work effectively in extreme temperatures. The cooling system should be free from particles and dirt that may hinder its performance or result in corrosion of the engine components. TJ Auto advises you to consider draining and refilling the coolant system at a suitable time and mileage intervals to ensure you have an optimally performing coolant system and excellent engine health. 

If the coolant of your car is getting old or your vehicle has racked up the miles needed to change the coolant or you have noticed a change in the consistency and color of the coolant in the reservoir, you need to get the coolant system flushed and replaced with new coolant.  

How to Tell if it’s Time to Flush the Coolant System 

It is likely that you will notice the signs of bad coolant before you can check its condition. These warning signs will indicate a bad coolant:

  • Cool air that comes from the vents when on a hot setting
  • A low coolant warning light appearing on the dashboard
  • The engine temperature gauge gradually rising to reach the red zone
  • A Check Engine or Service Engine warning light
  • A murky, thick, or cloudy coolant 

If you notice any of these issues, you should schedule an appointment with TJ Auto sooner rather than later in order to avoid experiencing a larger repair or breakdown problem.