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Local Fuel System Service In Colorado Springs

With today’s high gas prices, it makes sense to keep the fuel system of the car in good working order. So next time you are at TJ Auto for your regular car maintenance check-up, ask us about a fuel injection service. It helps your vehicle get better gas mileage. At TJ Auto, we inspect the fuel system of your vehicle from the fuel pump to the gas lines and injectors to ensure you don’t waste gas. 

Fuel systems have evolved drastically over the years. The older cars had a carburetor that could feed fuel to the vehicle’s engine. However, these carburetors aren’t so efficient and that’s why auto manufacturers developed electronically controlled fuel injection systems. These are complex systems that offer accurate fuel monitoring. Once you step on the vehicle’s gas, your vehicle’s fuel injector will deliver the right fuel amount to the engine. To ensure the fuel injection system runs efficiently, it needs periodic maintenance. TJ Auto helps service the fuel injection system to ensure efficiency and optimal gas mileage. 

When Do You Need a Fuel System Service?

A filthy fuel system shows up as one or several engine performance problems. TJ Auto has a crew of certified technicians who know how to clean and service your fuel system. A dirty fuel system presents with these signs:

  • Failed emission test
  • Rough idling
  • Poor throttle response
  • Engine not being able to reach the optimal revolutions per minute (RPM)
  • Poor engine performance
  • Increased fuel consumption
  • Reduced fuel efficiency

When you notice any of these signs in your vehicle, you need to drop it to TJ Auto. We will clean the fuel system to remove unwanted contaminants in the fuel. 

Although a fuel injection cleaning is thorough in cleaning various components, it is crucial that the injection’s narrowest passages are cleaned using special solvents designed to clean fuel detergents as well as additives that build up. 

For new vehicles, unless they are showing other signs indicating a problem with the fuel system, like inefficiency in fuel consumption, you may not need a fuel system service prior to hitting 60,000 miles of a ride. That being said, you have to be on the watch out for fuel system issues and ensure they are addressed as soon as possible so that you continue enjoying the vehicle’s fuel economy and enhanced performance of your car. If you notice some sharp downgrade regarding fuel economy after several tanks of gas, it could indicate that you need the system to be cleaned. 

Cleaning the fuel system ensures that the vehicle performs efficiently. It also helps lengthen the life of the vehicle’s engine and improves engine performance. Cleaning the fuel injection removes debris and particles that clog it causing poor acceleration and lower power of the engine. If not checked, not cleaning the fuel injector can lead to serious problems with your car’s engine. Knocking noises, poor gas mileage, fuel injector repairs, and hard starting are some of the issues that you can solve with fuel injector cleaning. 

Talk to us at TJ Auto to find out the solution we have for your fuel injection system!