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Local Mount And Balance Tires In Colorado Springs

If your tires and wheels are out of balance, it affects the ride of the vehicle. If you are experiencing vibrations, especially when you speed at around 45 mph, and the vibration worsens as you increase the speed, it is most likely the balance of tires is out of whack. TJ Auto can help you with tire and wheel balancing in the Colorado Springs area. 

Why is Your Vehicle Vibrating? 

Vibrations can occur when the tire and wheel are not completely round. A high spot of the vehicle’s wheel or a high spot of the car’s tire can cause vibration. If the wheel and tire are lined up, you will have a more pronounced high spot. At TJ Auto, our technicians correct the issue by rotating the tire on the wheel. This allows the spots not to be matched up. 

When you purchase one or more tires, it is important they are mounted and balanced on the vehicle. If you don’t balance the wheel and tire, they could damage the axle, steering, and suspension system of your vehicle or result in an imbalance which could contribute to premature wear of the tires, shocks, and struts. 

At TJ Auto, we have expert technicians who use state-of-the-art technology to remove the old tires and mount the new ones. We also balance the newly mounted tires so that you are able to get back on the road fast and safe. 

TJ Auto Tire Mounting and Balancing services

Our tire mounting and balancing services involve:

  • Removing old tires from the vehicle wheels
  • Doing an inspection of the car’s lug nuts
  • Fitting new valve stems or TPMS 
  • Mounting the new vehicle tires to the wheels
  • Inflate and balance the vehicle tires
  • Mounting the vehicle wheel to the axle with the new tire

Our modern equipment for mounting tires ensures that we avoid common tire service mistakes such as incorrectly inserting the bead breaker, improperly handling the reverse mount wheels, and not using the right amount of lubrication. When you have too much lubricant, it can cause the wheel and tire to slip on one another and too little can cause tearing of the tire bead thereby compromising the integrity of the tire. 

We take care of tire mounting and wheel balancing for different car makes and models using the best equipment to eliminate flaws and incorrect fitting or balancing. 

Using modern equipment allows us to keep your wheels and tires scratch-free. We properly replace the tires and ensure they are mounted correctly. After the tire balancing service has been done, our technicians will use spin balancer and test static or non-moving balance as well as dynamic or moving balance. Depending on the results of the tests, we restore the tires to the proper balance. Tire balancing is performed together with tire rotation. You should have tire balancing conducted after every 5000 miles of ride or after 6 months following the previous balancing. 

Also, if you have purchased new tires, when they are being mounted you need to have the balancing performed for the tire and wheel. 

Talk to us today for your tire mounting and balancing!