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Local Power Steering Flush In Colorado Springs

Power steering fluid works by flowing through the hydraulic system of the power steering. The power steering pump pressurizes the hydraulic system. By way of valves, pistons, and plungers, it reduces the effort a driver needs to turn the vehicle’s steering wheel. When the pump is not pumping, you will experience pressure drops, meaning the power steering system doesn’t have the hydraulic pressure needed to make it work efficiently. 

When you have issues with power steering, TJ Auto can come in handy to check and identify the problems and provide solutions. You will need a power steering fluid flush if the fluid is contaminated. 

Our power steering fluid flush involves:

  • Emptying the reservoir of the power steering
  • Filling the power steering system with the correct quantity and type of new fluid
  • Bleeding the steering system and cleaning it up to remove any residual fluid 
  • Testing if the power steering is functioning properly
  • Checking if there are power steering leaks

Why Should you Consider having a Power Steering Flush?

These signs will tell you that you need the power steering fluid checked and flushed:

  • If you are experiencing noisy steering, especially when moving slowly
  • If the steering wheel feels jerky when you try turning it gently from one direction to another
  • When it’s hard to turn your car’s steering wheel
  • If the steering sounds like a cat fighting – screeching steering
  • When there are puddles or stains forming under the car in your parking spot
  • If you have driven 60,000 miles from the past steering fluid flush
  • Contaminated power steering fluid – brown or back
  • It’s four to three years since you had the power steering system flushed out

It is important that you check the levels of the steering wheel fluid every time you have an oil change. If you have covered 60,000 miles from the time you had your last power steering fluid drained from the vehicle, you can consider having the steering system flushed. In addition, if you are seeing or hearing signs indicating problems with the steering wheel or difficulties when turning the steering wheel, you need to drop the vehicle at TJ Auto for a check-up.  

In normal use, the fluid levels shouldn’t really go down to a larger extent. If that is happening, there could be a serious leak. If you have to top your power steering fluid frequently, ensure it is inspected for a possible leak. 

Draining and refilling the power steering fluid can leave unwanted contaminants if you don’t flush it. When you flush the entire power steering system, you get rid of the contaminants. It helps condition the system to prevent leaks, offer smooth rides, and keeps your power steering quiet when it’s hard at work. You also prevent other problems from occurring like leaks or damages to the components of the powering steering system. 

Schedule a power steering system flush with TJ Auto to ensure safety in road use and extend the service life of the system. During the flush, our mechanics will also check the fittings, hoses, and clamps for leaks or other wear.