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Local Tire Repair In Colorado Springs

A tire is an important component of your vehicle. It’s the only thing you have in between you and the road. You need to check the condition of the tire to ensure that it operates properly and remains in good shape. This is vital to your road safety and those of your passengers and other road users. At TJ Auto, we know about tires and provide tire repair services to ensure you are safe when driving your car. 

When should you get your tire repaired by TJ Auto technicians?

A flat tire can leave you feeling frustrated. Although not every damaged or flat tire can be fixed, there are situations when you should consider repairs than a replacement.

  • If the tire is flat
  • If it’s low on air
  • If the tire is punctured

Before you can have a tire repaired, you need it to be examined. Sometimes, it may not just be a matter of repair, but a replacement. Our technicians will inspect the tire to determine the kind of repair issue at hand, and advise you on the best solution. If a replacement is needed, you will have to purchase a new tire and the technicians will mount and balance it. A replacement may be needed if:

  • The tread depth is less than 1.6mm because, at this depth, it’s not safe and legal to drive on
  • Significant damage from sharp objects, curbs, or potholes can call for a replacement  

A Reliable Tire Repair Service with TJ Auto 

At TJ Auto, we have fully qualified fitters to assess the tire and provide you the best solution. We understand that repairing a tire isn’t just about the puncture or damage, things like the type of tire and location will come into play in deciding whether to repair or replace. While you may have a run-flat tire, you should realize that you can’t continue driving the car at your usual speed. You also can’t drive far. So make sure you pop in a tire repair service like TJ Auto for help.   

You may be tempted to consider doing a quick fix when the tire is damaged or flat, but that is not recommended unless you are a qualified technician in tire repair. Emergency inflators, sealants, and patches or plugs can help get a temporary solution before you drop the vehicle to TJ Auto service, however, you shouldn’t count on these things to get you on the road for extended hours.  

Many hazards can cause tires to be less effective and dangerous to drivers and their passengers. Sharp stones, nails, and other pointed pieces of objects can cause puncture on a tire. Flat tires are dangerous and motorists can only drive on them if they have to reach safe locations from a busy highway. Also, the longer you drive on a flat tire, the more it may become irreparable, it causes irrevocable damage to your tires. Besides, as the tire deflates, the vehicle’s wheel is going to get into closer contact with the road surface potentially causing damage on the rim. 

Tire repair is considered time-sensitive, that’s why you should reach us at TJ Auto for a quick repair.