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Local Tire Rotation In Colorado Springs

Tires may wear differently based on their position on the vehicle or the condition of the suspension and your driving style. When there is uneven wear, it can result in poor performance and reduced mileage. At TJ Auto, we can give you a quick tire rotation so that you gain control over your vehicle.

When Should You Rotate Tires

There are different situations when you should rotate tires to offer more stability and proper traction on the road. You can visit our TJ Auto tire repair and maintenance team for tire rotation if:

  • Your tires are showing noticeable wear
    You have driven the vehicle 3000 to 6000 miles after your last rotation

If you do not have the tires rotated, they will wear prematurely and make it difficult to handle your vehicle. Tires absorb the most force, they bear the friction with the road surface and they will continue to wear out. That’s why you need our services to rotate them.

Importance of our Tire Rotation Services

There are many advantages to why you should rotate tires on a routine basis. Rotating them regularly, during every other oil change, helps with the following:

  • Maximizes the tires life
  • Prolongs the tread wear
  • Promotes even wear
  • Improves the ride as well as handling of the vehicle
  • Help ensure a safer riding experience by reducing skidding
  • Enhances traction on all tires
  • Improves braking performance
  • Increased mileage

TJ Auto Tire Rotations

When you come to us for a car tire rotation service, our technicians are going to evaluate the position of the tires as well as the kind of wear they have sustained. This will help determine if it’s time to do the rotation and how it should be done.

Our technicians will:

  • Remove your tires
  • Carefully inspect the patterns of the tread wear
  • Rotate the tires to the recommended positions according to the vehicle manufacturer
  • Reset the tire pressure monitoring system (TPMS)

If you think that your tires are overdue for rotation, don’t wait because the more you continue driving the car, the more risk you are putting in your road safety. A vehicle that lacks proper tire-road traction can increase the chances of having an accident on the road. You don’t want to take chances because a simple thing like failing to rotate the tires can lead to ugly situations or cause your vehicle to smash on to others. It also affects the performance of the vehicle causing a reduction in mileage. You may have uneven wear which may cause you to replace your tires sooner than it should have been.

Most auto manufacturers have timelines for rotating tires and you need to check the manual for those recommendations so that you know when you should take the vehicle to a garage for rotation. Proper maintenance of your vehicle, including the tires, is very important. The tires should be inspected routinely for proper inflation as well as wear. Routine tire rotations, alignment, and balancing are going to enhance the life of the tire and the vehicle.

At TJ Auto, we will ensure you drive safely with our tire rotation service. Contact us today!