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Local Wheel Alignment In Colorado Springs

Is your car pulling to the right or left while riding or does the steering wheel appear slanted when you are riding in a straight line? Do you notice screeching tires and unusual tire wear? If you are noticing these signs, it could mean that it’s time to get your vehicle to TJ Auto for alignment service. Colorado Springs area streets aren’t always in tiptop condition, and although that is part of our driving experience, you need to check when you have problems with your vehicle alignment.

While driving we run over potholes, pull over the curbs, or accidentally bite them – these can contribute to wheel alignment problems. At TJ Auto, we can keep your ride smooth and comfortable with our routine wheel alignment inspection. When the wheels of the car are aligned, you are able to handle it better. 

When Should You Schedule Wheel Alignment for Your Car?

While you may have your wheel alignment service done at the time of oil change, there are things that should tell you it’s time to have the car aligned:

  • If the car if pulling on one side – right or left – while driving straight
  • If you are hearing the tires squealing or making an unusual noise
  • If the steering wheel is crooked while driving straight
  • If you notice rapid or uneven tire wear
  • If you have covered 3000 to 6000 miles since your last wheel alignment

Having a wheel alignment check-up and service helps you ride worry-free while also ensuring you stay on the road with healthier tires. At TJ Auto, our mechanics use state-of-the-art technologies and techniques to ensure the best wheel alignment results.  

Whether you need rear end or front alignment, our technicians can help you adjust the caster, toe angles, and camber so that your car drives straight and even. A wheel alignment will ensure the car runs safely and efficiently. It reduces tire wear and offers better gas mileage. 

Left untreated, car wheel alignment issues can, in turn, lead to suspension and steering issues. Driving with car wheels that are out of alignment puts stress on the vehicle’s tires. If you are feeling a vibration in the steering wheel, you should contact TJ Auto for a checkup. It could be an issue with the wheel alignment. 

Schedule a Wheel Alignment with Us!

To keep your vehicle rolling smoothly, you should consider a wheel alignment with TJ Auto. Living anywhere in the Colorado Springs area, you are likely to drive a significant amount of miles every year. The need to have a wheel alignment need not be overlooked. After all, you will be enjoying smooth rides and enhanced road safety when you have the car properly aligned. 

Our wheel alignment technicians will provide you with the services you need to help your tires last longer and improve your gas mileage. Our wheel alignment will provide better and tighter handling of the car for a safer, smooth ride. 

Schedule car alignment with us today!